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Sandi Patty
Sandi Patty


Record Label: Fair Trade Services
Management: Mike Atkins Entertainment
1025 16th Avenue South Suite 303; Nashville TN, 37212


  04/14 - 04/16/14  Spring Jubilee 2014
Sandi Patty w/ Larnelle Harris
Branson, MO
  04/16 - 04/18/14  Spring Jubilee 2014
Sandi Patty w/ Johnny Hunt
Branson, MO
  04/18 - 04/20/14  Passion Play
Sandi Patty
Jacksonville, FL
  04/24/14  Sandi PattyEvansville, IN
  05/24/14  CSO's An All American Celebration
Sandi Patty
Denver, CO
  06/05/14  Sandi PattyShipshewana, IN
  06/06/14  Sandi PattyShipshewana, IN
06/12/14  Sandi PattyHartville, OH
  08/14/14  Sandi PattyLufkin, TX
  08/23/14  Jacksonville's Night of Inspiration
Sandi Patty w/ Natalie Grant
Jacksonville, FL
  09/16/14  Sandi PattyTulsa, OK
  09/20/14  Sandi PattyGreenville, KY
  09/21/14  Sandi PattyKnoxville, TN
10/03/14  Inspirational Reunion
Sandi Patty w/ Larnelle Harris
Lancaster, PA
  10/11/14  Sandi PattyHighlands Ranch, CO
  11/21 - 11/22/14  Sandi PattyBranson, MO
  12/01/14  Sandi PattyBowling Green, KY
  12/04 - 12/06/14  Christmas with Sandi Patty
Sandi Patty
Branson, MO
  12/09/14  Sandi PattyLouisville, KY
  12/11/14  Sandi PattyFort Worth, TX
  12/12/14  Sandi PattyBryan, TX
  12/15/14  Sandi PattyKerrville, TX
  12/18 - 12/20/14  Christmas with Sandi Patty
Sandi Patty
Costa Mesa, CA
  12/20/14  Sandi PattyCincinnati, OH

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