Rapture Ruckus
Rapture Ruckus


07/08 - 07/11/15  Ichthus Festival 2015
Newsboys w/ Red
Lexington, KY
  07/08 - 07/09/15  Rapture Ruckus
w/ 321 Improv Comedy
Grayson, KY
07/09 - 07/12/15  Lifest 2015
Newsboys w/ Matthew West
Oshkosh, WI
  07/22/15  Josh Wilson
w/ Rapture Ruckus
Washington, IA
  07/24 - 08/02/15  Sesquicentennial Celebration
Plumb w/ Rapture Ruckus
Bruce Twp, MI
08/06 - 08/08/15  Soulfest 2015
Newsboys w/ Casting Crowns
Gilford, NH
  08/08/15  Revelation Festival
Rapture Ruckus w/ Never Forsaken
Lebanon , PA
  08/09/15  Volcano Tour
Rapture Ruckus w/ Jonathan Thulin
Perrysburg, OH
  08/14/15  Rapture Ruckus
Yuma, AZ
  08/21/15  Rapture Ruckus
Grand Junction, CO
  08/28/15  Volcano Tour Youth Rally
Rapture Ruckus
Andrews, TX
08/29/15  4030 One Fest
with Rapture Ruckus, Jonathan Thulin
Rapture Ruckus w/ Jonathan Thulin
Pampa, TX
09/20/15  Rapture Ruckus
Lincoln Park, NJ
09/26/15  Rock the Park
Plumb w/ Rapture Ruckus
Crystal Springs, MS
10/09/15  The Exhale Tour
Plumb w/ Rapture Ruckus
Lexington, NC
10/10/15  The Exhale Tour
Plumb w/ Rapture Ruckus
Mebane, NC
  10/17/15  Plumb
w/ Rapture Ruckus
Cadiz, KY
  11/26 - 11/28/15  Texas Louisiana Youth Convention
Rapture Ruckus
Galveston, TX

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