Fall Jubilee
Dr. Charles Stanley
Jason Crabb, Johnny Hunt

Gatlinburg, TN
September 29 thru October 01, 2014
For more info call: 888-238-6858

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Gatlinburg, TN

  07/30/14  Save Our Children, Save Our World
Josh McDowell
Franklin, NC
  08/01 - 08/03/14  Fully Alive: The Bible's Vision of Gender Uniqueness
Dr. Larry Crabb
Asheville, NC
08/01/14  Date Night Knoxville
Dr. Gary Chapman w/ Michael O'Brien
Knoxville, TN
08/01/14  Lake Junaluska SingersLake Junaluska, NC
08/02/14  3rd Annual Summer Singing in the South
Tribute Quartet w/ The Taylors
Knoxville, TN
08/02/14  David Troy FrancisLake Junaluska, NC
  08/03/14  Tennessee Smokies Church Night
Sanctus Real
Kodak, TN
  08/03/14  Rend Collective ExperimentAsheville, NC
  08/04 - 08/08/14  Holy Fire: A View of the Work of the Holy Spirit in Our Lives
R. T. Kendall
Asheville, NC
  08/07/14  Chris BottiKnoxville, TN
  08/08 - 08/10/14  From Shadow to Substance: A New Day and A New Way
Wayne Barber
Asheville, NC
  08/08/14  Chris TomlinFranklin, NC
  08/13/14  Knight Family Southern Gospel
Greeneville, TN
  08/14 - 08/15/14  Leading with Confidence in an Insecure World
Jim Henry
Asheville, NC
  08/14 - 08/15/14  Global Leadership Summit Simulcast
Knoxville, TN
  08/14/14  Jason CrabbKnoxville, TN
  08/15 - 08/17/14  The Prescription for Getting Rid of Ichabod
Will Graham
Asheville, NC
08/15 - 08/17/14  LaFollette Church of God Celebration Weekend
Jason Crabb w/ High Road III
LaFollette, TN
  08/15/14  Dailey & VincentFranklin, NC
  08/16/14  The GreenesGreeneville, TN
08/16/14  Revolution of Praise
Rachael Mann w/ Push
Morristown, TN
  08/16/14  Anjelah JohnsonKnoxville, TN
  08/17/14  Mark SchultzAsheville, NC
  08/17/14  The Red RootsGreeneville, TN
  08/18 - 08/20/14  Lost Baggage - How God Builds and Mends Our Relationships
James Merritt w/ Reggie & Ladye Love Smith
Asheville, NC