Primitive Quartet
Primitive Quartet


  06/29 - 07/04/15  Annual Singing in Hominy Valley
Primitive Quartet w/ The Isaacs
Candler, NC
  07/15 - 07/18/15  Blue Springs Valley Gospel Singing
Tony Gore w/ Troy Burns Family
Cleveland, TN
  08/13 - 08/16/15  2015 Pennsylvania State Singing Convention
Brian Free & Assurance w/ Primitive Quartet
Martinsburg, PA
  08/19 - 08/22/15  Gatlinburg Gathering
Collingsworth Family w/ Jason Crabb
Gatlinburg, TN
  08/22/15  The Bledsoes 7th Annual Homecoming
The Bledsoes w/ Primitive Quartet
Dobson, NC
  08/28/15  Primitive Quartet
Lawrenceburg, KY
  10/10 - 10/11/15  Fall Color Singing 2015
Primitive Quartet w/ Narrow Way Quartet
Candler, NC
05/13 - 05/14/16  The Annual Bowling Family Music Fest & Talent Search
Bowling Family w/ Triumphant Quartet
London, KY

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