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I Don’t Want It

Tired Of Basic
Lauren DeLeary Budnick and Brooke DeLeary of the faith-forward pop duo LOVECOLLIDE independently release their third full-length album, Tired Of Basic, April 13. With Tired Of Basic, the girls continue to shatter expectations, recording a soundtrack that is meant to be a revolution against boredom, mediocrity and status quo living. “That’s the theme, that’s the mission--an extraordinary life,” states Brooke. “Living in a way where you can never be labeled, like Jesus. Starting revival by being the light, being different, showing who Jesus is through us.” Sonically, Tired of Basic finds LOVECOLLIDE experimenting with cutting edge pop sounds, while the lyrics have emerged from a season filled with doubt, loss, depression and uncertainty. LOVECOLLIDE deploys earworm hooks to address topics like being “awake” in Christ, God’s relentless pursuit of humanity, surrendering dreams to God and trusting Him in the midst of uncertainty, the latter being the theme of the first single from the album, “I Don't Want It,” which goes for radio adds beginning Jan. 26. “We want our music to be an experience, not just something to listen to,” says Lauren. “We want the vibe, the style we give people and the love they receive to be something they remember, something that changes them.”

Never Alone

For Those Who Fly
Pastor James is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Real Church, based out of Columbus, Ohio. Pastor James Dewhurst proudly served as a youth pastor in two youth ministries for the past 15 years. He has also written and recorded two albums, developed and sent many leaders into full-time ministry, and has been a frequent national and international guest speaker. He’s been married to his best friend Tiffany for the last 18 years, and has two amazing children, Malachi and Malena. He recently left a large youth ministry in Atlanta, Georgia in order to plant Real church in the metro Columbus area. His passionate and genuine approach to preaching the gospel will challenge and inspire you to allow Christ to take total control of your life!