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Chapter Six

Diny Hoogendoorn with Kathleen Kattus

Why? A True WWII Saga of Dutch Resistance

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As a contemporary of world-renowned Corrie ten Boom featured in The Hiding Place, Diny well remembers when the Nazis shut down the ten Booms in 1944. Their capture closed off yet another hiding place to which she could escort Jews. With the deportation of her husband to Germany, a disgruntled Diny is left alone to care for their three-month-old son, Eddy, in Nazi occupied Amsterdam. When Nazis confiscate her groceries at a road stop, she is desperate to unleash her rage against the regime. As destiny would have it, Diny is ushered into the clandestine world of the Dutch Underground Resistance and British Intelligence. As a resistance worker, she witnesses firsthand the evil devouring her wealthy country's people, resources, food, and morals. Is Diny's heart cry to her God of love and compassion when teetering on the brink of insanity after having witnessed the murder of an infant by a German soldier? In 1945, with a cousin, sister and husband missing, Diny finds little comfort when the Netherlands is finally liberated. As she marks off the months, Diny is tormented by the unknown. Is she a wife or a widow?