How An Early Bird Pass works:

Cup O' Joy shows have No Cover Charge, all shows are supported entirely by your donation.

The Early Bird pass is a way to ensure that people can count on getting in the building when they arrive ‘on time’ for a show. This Pass will entitle you to enter the show ahead of the general patron, and also give you first choice of seating and peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to arrive ahead of time to stand in line.

There is a min. $6 donation for each pass (the ticket handling cost is an additional $1 per pass for online purchases). These passes can be purchased by anyone who wants to utilize this convenience. Sale of passes online will end at 3pm the day before the show. There will be a limited quantity of passes available for each show.

You will need to arrive and be at the building 10min-20min before the doors open for us to let you in ahead of the NON Early bird patrons. To be on the safe side, consider arriving at least15min before. Generally that’s 6:15pm for a 1 show night. 2 show nights would be: 1st show 5:45pm, 2nd show 8pm. * Once in awhile there is some variation in show times, so look at door opening times carefully. When you arrive at the building come up to the front door so we can find you to let you in early.

We are still counting on YOUR donation at the show to support the artist. Please plan to be generous!

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Price Deadline:
Doors open to the public at 6:30 pm.
With this pass be sure to arrive no later than 6:20 pm for special seating.
A $1 ticket handling fee will be added for each pass ordered.
Early Bird Pass
Additional Donation To Support Artist