This event is SOLD OUT, but tickets are now available for the live streaming simulcast at Bethel Christian Centre.

The Gathering, a Family Renewal

Tickets are now available for the LIVE STREAMING SIMULCAST at Bethel Christian Centre! To order tickets, click here.

It is a joy and privilege to commend to Canadian people the astonishing and awesome ministry of Farmer/Evangelist Angus Buchan. Angus is a straight-talking, sharp-shooting and compelling down-to-earth preacher of the Christian Gospel. His impact around South Africa in this last decade has been prodigious and his Mighty Men conferences have been mind-bending and soul-stirring happenings. I was personally present at the last one in 2010. It was attended for a whole weekend by 400,000 men, no less! When Angus speaks, God gets involved and Something Happens. He is a personal friend, and a man of consummate Godly integrity for whom I can personally vouch with all my heart. Hear him and let him put a spiritual bomb under your seat.

Michael Cassidy
Founder, African Enterprise

June 29, 7 pm - Reconciliation [with God & those around you]
June 30, 10 am - Finding Your/Our Vision
June 30, 7 pm - Family, Love & Marriage
July 1, 2 pm - Faith has Feet

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Full Weekend
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Saturday 10:00am Session
Saturday 7:00pm Session
Sunday 2:00pm Session

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