Ever since his debut in 1999 with his first album, Promise, Kim is highly regarded as an iconic singer with outstanding vocals in which he was able to take the 51st spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2003 with his hit, Hello Goodbye Hello. He made history by being the first Korean pop singer to ever be ranked on the chart.

His career made a dramatic hike last year when he decided to appear in the popular Korean reality TV series, "I Am A Singer." For the first time, he became nationally recognized, and throughout six months of appearances, he showcased a wide range of musical talents by singing ballad, R&B and rock numbers that later dominated the K-pop charts for several months. Subsequently, his first solo show in the U.S. at the Nokia Theatre LA Live in January turned out to be a great success with a sold-out audience of 7,000.

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