Today's teen culture seems more confusing than ever. But there is hope. Join Mark Gregston for a seminar of Biblical wisdom and practical insights to help you be ready when your child needs you most. You and your teen can navigate the bumpy years together!

Mark Gregston is the founder of Heartlight Ministries, a residential counseling program for teens. A popular speaker and seminar leader, he blends humor and storytelling with Biblical insights for parents wanting a deeper relationship with their teen. Mark and his wife Jan have been married for 34 years and have two children and two grandchildren. To learn more, please visit

Price Deadline: Day of
Friday, October 5th: 6:30PM CST -9PM CST (doors 6 pm CST).
Saturday, October 6th: 9AM CST -12PM CST (doors 8:30AM CST).
General Admission $10.00