Christmas Fix

Reclusive Cadence lives for her family's annual Christmas gatherings…but they just may be killing her!

For most of the year, Cadence lives a quiet, reclusive life as a mortuary makeup artist. However, each year as her family’s annual Christmas gathering draws near, she undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis. With Cadence’s seasonal swings becoming more and more drastic each year, her funeral home coworkers fear that the upcoming reunion and its strange cast of characters may do her irreparable harm, and decide to risk a perilous intervention.

Christmas FiX, written by award-winning playwrights John and Ellen Young, adeptly explores seasonal and family disorders in a mash-up of drama and comedy, providing fresh insight into the meaning of family, friendship and Christmas.

This drama is an experience you will never forget. Come join us. See you there!

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