- This is a fun introductory class that will introduce students to dance. Creative movement and activities help introduce the beginning fundamentals of ballet, jazz, & tumbling. Students also play games which enhance cognitive & social development and learn classroom etiquette.

Ballet I
- This level of ballet is designed for students who can comfortably execute basic ballet movements. They have a foundational knowledge of body alignment, placement, and turnout, and can perform all positions of the feet and arms. A focus will be placed on transitional movement, including use of the feet and turnout. Students will learn intermediate level turns, jumps, and other movements.
Ballet II - This level of ballet is designed for students who have mastered basic ballet steps. They show strong body alignment and turnout, and are able to articulate transitional movements of the feet and arms. A strong emphasis is also placed on performance qualities, double turns, complex jumps.
Ballet III - Each level of ballet is structured to provide more advanced training as the student is ready. This level is designed for the experienced ballet dancer. Dancers at this level have solid alignment and body placement, and have mastered transitional movements of the feet and arms. Movements become more complex with triple and quad turns, more advanced jumps, and petit allegro combinations with multiple beats. A contemporary ballet style is also introduced at this level.

Jazz I
- This class is designed as an introduction to basic jazz technique, focusing on basic jazz positions, turns, jumps, & leaps. Students will also learn center and locomotor progressions as well as proper stretching techniques to enhance strength & flexibility.
Jazz II - This is an intermediate jazz class designed to augment basic jazz training. It will continue basic skills learned in Jazz I, including positions, turns, jumps, & leaps, as well as elements of dance conditioning. For the serious dancer, it is strongly recommended, but not required, to take a ballet class to complement jazz training.
Jazz III - This intermediate level is designed for the serious dancer. Students work in detail to master more advanced leaps, turns, and jumps. Across the floor combinations become more complex in sequence and movement. Students may explore various styles of jazz, including contemporary, lyrical, or character.

Tap I
- This class will center on tap fundamentals including basic tap steps and turns. Focus will be on making clear sounds in basic movements with the proper technique.
Tap II - In this class, students will build upon foundations learned in Tap I classes. They will be introduced to more intermediate tap steps and turns including intermediate time steps, cramp rolls, intermediate turns, buffalos, and drawbacks.
Tap III - This intermediate/advanced class takes steps learned in the foundational tap levels and joins them in more complex combinations. Students will learn more advanced tap steps including advanced time steps, wings, pullbacks, and split movements.

Hip-Hop I
- This high energy dance class will introduce students to the basics of hip hop, including the latest hip hop trends & break dancing moves which prepare them for more advanced hip hop training. All movement will be modest & age appropriate. All music will be free of questionable lyrics & content.
Hip-Hop II & III - Designed for the high school dancer, this high energy dance class will go more in depth with hip-hop training, including the latest dance trends and break-dancing moves. This class is great for the student who just wants to come & get funky as well as the serious dancer looking to improve their hip hop skills. Previous hip hop training is required, as combinations will be fast and complex. All movement will be modest & age appropriate. All music will be free of questionable lyrics and content.