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Each year The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society launches its Man and Woman of the Year
Rosie Messmer
Rosie was taken to the emergency room after what was thought to be dehydration continued in a downward spiral to the loss of color in her face and fatigue. After being transferred to Children's and a blood test, Rosie was diagnosed with leukemia. r
Rosie was your typical thirteen-year-old teenager until she was diagnosed with leukemia. After she arrived at Children's, Rosie underwent four blood transfusions, a spinal tap, and chemotherapy all within a 27-hour period. Her progress in just 24 hours since receiving the treatment was unbelievable. Doctors shook their heads in amazement as they came into her room and stated, "Rose is a miracle patient." Rosie is currently in the "Maintenance Phase" on her journey to recovery, which will hopefully come to an end on June 18th, 2014. Since the leukemia cells never reached Rosie?s spinal fluid, doctors believe that it is highly unlikely that she will ever relapse!
This past year has been quite a whirlwind for Rosie and her family. Their journey has allowed the family to change for the better, as they are now able to recognize the important things in life. They have taken on a new perspective on life and have a new set of priorities.
Despite this journey that Rosie has faced, Rosie continues to be a strong, determined 14 year old. She is back at school getting nearly straight-A?s, growing out her hair, and enjoying spending time with her friends. Rosie is filled with a joy and hope that brings a smile to your face!
Rosie is a strong and beautiful 14 year old from Pickerington OH who is in the "Maintenance Phase"on her journey to recovery, which will hopefully come to an end June 18th, 2014.
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Headlining: Nate Bargatze
Has been Seen his own Comedy Central Half Hour Special
Conan O'Brien 3 times. Comedy central Live at Gotham and much more.
Featuring: Gabe Kea
Hosted by Dylan Shelton

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