To Become a REAL Success… it is imperative to RELATE to others better as you understand relational rules; EQUIP others with the proper skill sets; improve your ATTITUDE through daily practices; and LEAD others successfully to where you have gone and beyond.

Relationships—Love and accept yourself. The only relationship in your life that is continual and therefore most important, is with yourself. The first person you learn to get along with is you.

Equipping—Great leaders grow their vision from “ME” to “WE.” People fail to equip others due to the energy required, the under-estimation of others’ abilities, the enjoyment of completing tasks ourselves, the need to strengthen the ego by being needed, the habit of doing everything, the need to be in control and the inabil-ity to notice leadership potential in those around us.

Attitude—Our attitude is a choice. It determines our approach to life. It can turn our problems into blessings. Taking inventory of our attitude allows us to grow and foster an environment to em-power and equip those around us while also nurturing our inner leadership skills.

Leadership—The Law of the Lid states that leadership ability de-termines a person’s level of effectiveness. The Law of the Process states that leaders develop daily and not in a day. Leadership takes time and energy to develop. We overestimate the event and we underestimate the process. The secret to becoming a success-ful leader is discovered in your daily agenda.

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