Would you believe someone who told you that God's plan for your marriage includes
fulfilling sex, romantic love and healthy, vibrant communication?

Join Jimmy and Karen Evans on August 9-10 for this powerful Sex, Love and Communication Simulcast. All you need is a reliable internet connection. Help your church members and neighbors discover how to have a beautiful, passionate and lasting marriage.

Seminar Highlights include:
- The one element every good marriage has in common
- The three steps to striking your sexual match
- Training your mouth for marriage
- Vow renewal ceremony
...and much more!

What Is a SIMULCAST & How Does It Work?
A simulcast is a broadcast of a simultaneously occurring live event. In this case, our simulcast is the broadcast of our live marriage conference featuring Jimmy and Karen Evans. There are two necessary components to a simulcast, an internet connection and a viewing device. We provide you with an internet link which will lead you to a landing page where you will have access to the event. One simple click and you’re up and running. Simulcasts can be viewed on laptops, televisions, projectors, or large screens.

Friday, August 9 from 7-9:30 PM CST (8-10:30 PM EST) & 9 AM-12 Noon CST (10 AM-1 PM EST) on Saturday, August 10.
There are 4 sessions total, 2 on Friday and 2 on Saturday with a 30-minute break in between each.
***If you are in the Pacific Time Zone, we have you on a time delay so that you will begin at 7:00pm and 9:00am locally YOUR time. If you are located in Mountain Time you can choose to join the Central feed or the Pacific feed according to your preference.

Price Deadline:
Couple (2 People)
Small Group (2 to 8 Couples)
Church Group (9+ Couples)