Church Leaders’ Round Table: Exploring New Ways of Doing Church in Canada
Join Bruxy Cavey and Tim Day of The Meeting House (5500+ people in 17 locations and 180 home churches) as we explore new and creative ways of doing church in the changing landscape of our nation.

Bruxy Cavey is the Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House. Bruxy’s accessible style, historical rigor, and refreshing candor make him a popular guest on television and radio programs and at universities across Canada.

Tim Day is the Senior Pastor of The Meeting House, one of Canada’s largest churches. An engaging speaker and active writer, Tim leads a dedicated staff and church family in helping communicate the irreligious message of Jesus to those who may have given up on God or are simply asking spiritual questions.

Price Deadline: Day of
The Church Leaders Round Table is from 2:00 - 5:00pm at the venue. Concert is at 7:00pm.
7pm General Admission Concert Only $21.81CAD