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Arkansas State University-Mountain Home
Performing Arts Series
2013-2014 Season
Half price for students 18 and younger. All fees apply.

April 22, 2014
The Fantasticks

"Try to Remember" a time when this charming, romantic musical wasn't enchanting audiences around the world. THE FANTASTICKS is the world�s longest-running production of any kind, and with good reason: at the heart of its breathtaking poetry and subtle theatrical sophistication is a purity and simplicity that transcends cultural barriers. The result is a timeless fable of love that manages to be nostalgic and universal at the same time. It is a moving tale of young lovers who become disillusioned, only to discover a more mature, meaningful love. The show is punctuated by a bountiful series of catchy, memorable songs such as �Try to Remember� and �Soon It�s Gonna Rain."
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THE FANTASTICKS - April 22, 2014 - 7:00 PM
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