89.7 WMHK presents the Art of Marriage Marriage Conference

Friday night, February 14th (7-9:30 pm)
Saturday, February 15th (9am-4pm)

Couples Registration includes admission to the Art of Marriage conference, couples books/supplies, & snacks. (Lunch not included, but available at area restaurants).

** PLEASE NOTE: Registration ends at midnight, Wednesday, February 12 **

Description: The Art of Marriage brings together some of the most respected and influential pastors and experts on marriage and family all in one setting. It also brings a fresh approach to a video event by weaving together engaging stories, real-life testimonies, man-on-the-street interviews and humorous vignettes to help couples fully experience God's design for marriage.

The Art of Marriage consists of six video sessions and an accompanying manual that provides couples with projects to help apply the principles taught during each session. The manual is also designed for couples to use after the event by offering articles, date night ideas and useful tips for continuing to strengthen their marriage.

Friday Sessions, February 14th:
7:00 - 8:10pm Session One: Love Happens
The Purpose of Marriage
+ God designed marriage and has a great plan in mind.
+ The primary purpose of marriage is to reflect God's glory to a watching world.
+ It is important to receive your mate as God's perfect gift for you.

8:10 - 8:20pm Break

8:20 - 9:20pm Session Two: Love Fades
The Drift to Isolation
+ Couples naturally drift toward isolation.
+ Our differences and weaknesses push us apart.
+ Sin has affected every marriage.
+ The gospel brings healing and reconciliation
+ Couples must learn to walk by the power of the Holy Spirit in marriage.

9:20-9:30pm Dismiss for Project One

Saturday Sessions, February 15th:
9:00 - 10:00am Session Three: Love Dances
+ God designed different responsibilities for men and women in marriage.
+ Though their responsibilities are different, men and women are still equal in value.
+ God calls men to sacrificially love and lead their wives.
+ God calls women to respect and support their husbands.

10:00 - 11:00am Break for Project Two

11:00 a.m. - Noon Session Four: Love Interrupted
+ Conflict is common to all marriages.
+ The goal is not to be conflict-free but to learn to handle conflict correctly when it occurs.
+ Healthy conflict resolution occurs when couples are willing to seek and grant forgiveness.

Noon - 1:45pm Break for Lunch ( available at area restaurants) and Project Three

1:45 - 2:45pm Session Five: Love Sizzles
Romance and Sex
+ God created sex and has a wonderful design in mind.
+ A satisfying sex life is the result of a satisfying marriage relationship.
+ The ultimate purpose of sex is to bring pleasure and glory to God.

2:45 - 3:00pm Break

3:00 - 4:00pm Session Six: Love Always and Closing
+ To leave a godly legacy, we must think about the impact of our lives on future generations.
+ Our hope for leaving a lasting legacy is through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
+ Leaving a godly legacy requires putting a stake in the ground.

Here's what some couples who attended this event last year had to say:

Wife wrote: Hello, I wanted to write in and thank WMHK and all the people that make this station possible. I recently attended the Art of Marriage conference and it has truly saved my relationship! I was feeling hopeless and like all the love had been drained out and I wasn't sure anything could fix it. My sweet man bought us the tickets as a Valentines present and I was hopeful but unsure how much help it would actually be.
The conference was full of such wonderful information and the work books and projects were great but they also exposed a lot of junk in our relationship. During one of the break times while we were supposed to be doing a project on asking for and giving forgiveness everything just erupted. We managed to touch the very parts of our hearts that hurt the most and it seemed like the last straw. He stormed off and I headed straight to my car ready to leave him there. I was done. D-O-N-E - DONE! As I sat down in the driver’s seat I said, "God, this relationship is HOPELESS!" All I wanted to do was just run away.
As soon as I turned the car on my radio started playing this station and the first words to come out of the speakers were from a song saying not to give up hope, to not walk away, to trust the Lord! I knew that the Lord was using your station to reach me there in my moment of deep pain and heart ache. I instantly was filled with so much peace and strength that I know was not my own. I was able to get out of that car and swallow my pride and go search after my sweet man.
We used the knowledge gained from the conference and were able to finally open up to each other and recognize where the misunderstanding was. For the first time in a very long time I felt like love was starting to creep back into our lives. This last week has been so amazing!! I have been feeling myself falling back in love again and I can see the change in his heart as well. For the first time I really, honestly believe our relationship has a chance!
Thank you so much for everything you guys do to keep this station up and running. My husband thanks you too.

Kerrie wrote: This conference was a do or die for our marriage. Our marriage was at rock bottom & this conference helped us see that God can & will heal all things if you allow Him. SO THANK YOU!! Thank you so much for presenting this conference. It literally saved our marriage.

Amy wrote: I can’t wait to go home & see the positive changes in my marriage!

Husband wrote: Thanks for having this event. We are in the midst of struggling in our marriage. This will help me do a better job of being a husband to my wife.

Husband: Our marriage is not good. I have made some very bad choices in our 28th year of marriage. But because of this weekend, there still is hope. God bless you all for putting this on. His wife wrote: Would you pray for me? On Monday, I have my first visit with a marriage counselor. I pray that things work out. I am going through a rough time in my marriage, full of hurt, anger etc. I will be going over this book until we (husband) work everything out. My biggest thing is learning how to forgive my husband.

Price Deadline:
The Couple Admission ticket admits one couple (2 people). Ticket includes admission for 2 to the conference, books & supplies, and snacks.
(Lunch not included, but available at area restaurants)
Couple Admission