This is a SIMULCAST of the live event taking place in Louisville, KY.

Registration is now FREE, but required in order to receive the link to connect to the webcast.

All that is needed to participate in this simulcast webcast is a reliable internet connection.

If you have any trouble with your link please visit the following address for troubleshooting tips:
If your trouble persists please contact or call 1-800-729-0815.

What Is a SIMULCAST & How Does It Work?
A simulcast is a broadcast of a simultaneously occurring live event. There are two necessary components to a simulcast, an internet connection and a viewing device. We provide you with an internet link which will lead you to a landing page where you will have access to the event. One simple click and you’re up and running. Simulcasts can be viewed on laptops, televisions, projectors, or large screens.

This event will be broadcast live at 7 PM EST.