The Christian life is often defined as “no.”
What starts with a desire to reject destructive things morphs into a “no”
to people, enjoyment, laughter, pleasure, success, and ultimately life itself.
Before we know it, we’ve reduced the Christian faith
to a huge rejection of just about everything God has created.
Is it any wonder why many in our culture think of Christianity and “no” comes to mind?

We need perspective. We need more than just “no.” We need to experience a divine “yes” to all of life as a gift from God.

Ecclesiastes, through Solomon’s journals, gives us a huge dose of reality. Solomon’s entire experience is a counter-intuitive “yes” to God and every aspect of life. It provides a framework for a faith that squares off with reality and finds it infused with meaning.

THE GOD OF YES will explore this counter-intuitive approach and provide clear application on how faith can infuse meaning to the monotony of everyday life. It will flip Ecclesiastes upside down to show that it is actually affirming life in all of its parts with God at the center. It will challenge the reader that his or her life can look different even if nothing changes externally.

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