All middle school and high school girls (and mothers!) are invited to attend our May 17th event. With the theme, "Made to Shine", this conference will focus on how we are created to shine for God's glory in all aspects of our lives. The day will include teaching sessions led by Elissa and Becca, inspiring videos, fun breakout sessions, an amazing concert, a Q&A and a special fashion show that will demonstrate how girls can dress modestly and inexpensively and still look fashionable. There will also be a few surprises scattered throughout the day! Lunch is included in the price, so please make a selection when purchasing your ticket. You will also need to select the breakout session you would like to attend. In addition, Elisssa and Becca's new devotional may be pre purchased. Please join us on May 17th for a day that will grow your faith and touch your heart - all to the glory of God. After all, we are ... MADE TO SHINE!

Breakout Session Choices

1. Shake It Up: This session offers an energetic workout to upbeat Christian music, including songs by The Sonflowerz. Join us as we have fun praising God through dance and exercise.

2. Handmade from the Heart: In this session, you’ll make greeting cards that include uplifting scripture. We’ll provide everything you need to create beautiful cards for sending to those who could use your personal touch of encouragement and cheer. In addition, ideas will be given for random acts of kindness that you can do to brighten days of others.

3. Accessorize Your Faith: It’s important that both your inner & outer self reflect your faith. In this session, you’ll create jewelry that not only testifies to your faith, but will also provide an opening for sharing it.

4. A Prayer Journey: Do you ever wonder what to say when you pray? Are there different ways to pray? God desires an intimate relationship with you. That’s not possible without prayer. In this session, you’ll make a journal with five sections to help you grow closer to God through time spent with Him in prayer.

5. Be Still!: Life is so busy. A multitude of things clamors for our attention and pulls us in all kinds of directions. Often we feel exhausted and empty. God wants us to be filled with his love, joy and power. But this requires stopping - being still and knowing that God is God. In this session, you’ll go to various stations in a calm and quiet atmosphere. Each station will provide a unique way for you to meditate and reflect on God and His wonderful attributes.

6. Get Creative: One of the ways we are made in God’s image is our ability to be creative. God’s glorious world provides abundant evidence of His creativeness. In this session, you’ll explore your own ability to create by doing a fun craft project.

7. Inside and Out: Join us in this session for a refreshing facial and simple makeup tips. In addition to focusing on your outer self, you’ll learn what inner beauty is according to the Bible. You’ll leave this session feeling refreshed and beautiful, both inside and out!

Price Deadline: Day of
Please select ONE Breakout Session and ONE Lunch choice below for every ticket being purchased. FIrst 25 tickets purchased receive a free bracelet that you can pick up at the event.
General Admission $30.00
"Made to Shine" Book $15.00
Breakout Sessions - Please select ONLY ONE option for every ticket being purchased.
Shake It Up $0.00
Handmade from the Heart $0.00
Accessorize Your Faith $0.00
A Prayer Journey $0.00
Be Still! $0.00
Get Creative $0.00
Inside and Out $0.00
Lunch Choice - Please select ONLY ONE for every ticket being purchased. All meals will include chips, fruit, dessert and a water bottle.
Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich $0.00
Chick-Fil-A Grilled Nuggets $0.00
Chick-Fil-A Regular Nuggets $0.00
Little Caesar's Cheese Pizza $0.00