Color Green Films & Ministries, the company that made the motion picture "Ragamuffin" is now providing a unique experience to come, learn, and be challenged & inspired by the love of God and what it means to live a life in response to the "reckless raging fury that they call the love of God."

Through special guest teachers & speakers like Dave Mullins, David Leo Schultz (and others to be announced at a later date) and musicians like Matt Liechty, Mitch McvVicker (and others to be announced at a later date), workshops for artists, silent retreats, rest, play, and much more, this retreat will be a unique experience to grow in your faith with Christ, be inspired to follow Jesus with reckless abandon, and be challenged to discover God in your story.

Ragamuffins welcome.
There's only one rule: "Come as you are, not as you should be, because none of us are as we should be."

Registration is Friday morning from 8-10 AM.
Retreat ends at 12 Noon on Sunday.

1. There will be separate living quarters for men and women.
2. A married couple can request to room together and will try to accommodate, but cannot make any guarantees.
3. This retreat is for ages 18 and older only.
4. You will have to sign a standard liability waiver for spending the night at a camp.

Lexington, TX is located:
1 hour from Austin
2.2 hours from San Antonio
2.5 hours NW of Houston
3 hours south of Dallas

Price Deadline:
Registration includes Food & Lodging.
Individual Registration
Group Registration (10+)
Group Registration (20+)
Group Registration (30+)