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Finally... Clutter Free with Kathi Lipp

Doors open at 8:30 am
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Organized by Yosemite Church
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Finally Clutter Free! is a half-day event designed to bring you freedom from Clutter and all that comes with it: financial stress, relationship issues, guilt, depression, and loss. In a world of more, clutter has become a way of life but to our detriment.

Over the course of three sessions, Kathi will deliver the key factors of Clutter and practical, proven steps to clear it out once and for all. You will walk away inspired with can-do tips to implement as soon as you get home. There is NO shaming, ONLY hope and REALISTIC ways to move forward.
What you will get:
A new understanding of why you have Clutter
Simple and easy to do steps to be free from Clutter
A supportive, judgment-free environment
Connection with Kathi through her “been there” stories
A great time!

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