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It’s impossible to explain the exceptional talents of EmiSunshine, a 11-year-old East Tennessee prodigy who has captured the nation’s attention as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Steeped in Appalachian music, she is a true vocal stylist, one who instinctively knows how to interpret the nuances of a song with her impressive range, even though she has yet to gain the life experience and empathy seemingly necessary to fully comprehend the words she sings. Emi, who has 350,000 “likes” on Facebook, remains unaware of much of the whirlwind and demand swirling around her.
Seating is reserved. Exact seat locations will be provided upon ticket delivery to customer or the night of the event at the venue box-office (will call). Your ticket is allocated base on the time & date of your purchase.
VIP Seating $22.00
VIP Seating Senior $21.00
Gold Seating $19.00
Gold Seating Senior $18.00
Silver Seating $15.00
Silver Seating Senior $14.00
Silver Seating Student $10.00
Silver Seating Child $4.00

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