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CONFERENCE RATES INDIVIDUAL Conference registration includes access to all workshops, general sessions, networking events and evening concerts. This fee does NOT include reVIEWyou competition, housing, meals or t-shirt.
Regular Individual
A-List Experience
CONFERENCE RATES GROUP Enjoy expedited check-in, one conference t-shirt for each paid registrant, upgraded seating for general sessions and concerts, *To qualify, group conference registration must be completed in one transaction by a group leader with one single payment.
Regular Group (6-9 people) (6+)
Regular Group (10-14 people) (10+)
Regular Group (15+)
Basic Meal Plan
VIP Meal Plan
ADDITIONAL CONCERT TICKETS For conference registrants, all evening concerts are included. Order here for additional guests NOT attending the conference.
Concert Series Admission
Concert Single Night Admission
Tote Bag
Audio Session
T-SHIRTS T-Shirts are included with VIP experience & groups.
Small T-Shirt
Medium T-Shirt
Large T-Shirt
X-Large T-Shirt
XX Large T-Shirt