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Marty Goetz

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    Marty Goetz

An Evening at The Ritz with Marty

• Messianic Jewish Musician – Pianist
• Emmy Nominated National Vocal Recording Artist
• Entertaining Story Teller – with Jewish Humor!
• Scriptures beautifully set to music leaving listeners spiritually moved, inspired & edified

Refreshments to Follow: Coffee/Tea & Desert Bar

Marty grew up in a predominately Jewish neighborhood. As a kid he was told that many Christians were antisemitic. He was always inundated with his friend’s passion for Jesus. Marty struggled how to reconcile what he “knew” about Jesus with what he was seeing and hearing in his Christian friends.

Marty just wanted to make his way in the world, but was constantly confronted with the personality of Jesus. He decided to “decode” the Bible to find out what the hoopla was all about. When he finally read the New Testament, he realized that Jesus was more Jewish than he was.

He soon realized that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah and the answer to Jewish expectations. He was overpowered by the teachings and sacrifice of Jesus. He was the Savior that Marty was looking for.

Emmy nominated, Marty Goetz has been called a ‘Modern Day Psalmist’. His songs are scriptures beautifully set to music, leaving listeners spiritually moved, inspired and edified.

Marty became a 'Jew born anew' when, provoked by the increasing number of 'born agains' in his life, he began reading the Bible, “looking for loopholes".

A few short weeks later, sitting alone one night on a friend's balcony, he realized with certainty that “the Jesus of the New Testament was the Messiah my Jewish people have been longing for.”

He has been recording music steadily since 1985, and today lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Jennifer, who also is a Jewish believer in Jesus. They have one married daughter, Misha, who is herself, a worship leader and recording artist

Coffee, Tea and Dessert Bar will be available.
General Admission $15.00

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