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Hokes Bluff Women's Conference

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  • Rebekah Lyons
    Rebekah Lyons
Choose 2 strategy sessions for the weekend. One (1) for Friday night and one (1) for Saturday. Please note that some are for “College and Career” and some are marked for Saturday ONLY.

ALL IN or Nothing with Keena Cox- Discovering your full potential for which you were created and determining who you are in Christ.

ALL IN Prayer with Christie Thornton- In a world where there is always a way out, prayer is an all or nothing action to produce powerful, effective outcomes. In this session, we will discuss how to have the right heart, right spirit, and right position.

ALL IN, but Where Do I Even Fit In? with Leslie Evans (College and Career)- Are you stressed by others asking you questions for your age group? Let’s dive into God’s Word and see how we can be set free from the pressure of other people’s expectations for our lives and see what God’s plan and expectations are for us.

Crushing Unworthiness with Toni Hess (College and Career)- Finding your worth in Christ so that you can follow through in obedience to what God has called you to do.

Experiencing Victory in the Crisis of Your Life with Martha Evans- The biggest problem of our life is not our past or our future but it is within us. If we are defeated on the outside it’s because we have been defeated on the inside. The most important part of your life is the part that only God sees when you and He meet alone and God gives you victory. Joshua 5

First Things First with Crystal Sparks- In our busy lives, how do we keep our feet on the ROCK and stay away from the gravel?

House Cleaning with Julia Godfrey- In our spiritual lives, we tend to hide things in our basement and attic. These things keep us from being ALL IN.

I Surrender ALL with Joanne Brown- In the Bible, Hannah and Mary bore sons under unusual circumstances. Hannah grieved over her barrenness and felt intense shame that accompanied her inability to bear children. Mary was very young and betrothed, but not yet married. She endured other people’s doubts, judgements, and gossip. Together we study the lives, commitments, and prayers of praise offered by Hannah and Mary as they surrendered to God’s plan for their special sons.

In Over My Head with Lindsey Turner (Saturday ONLY)- When the cares of the world have buried even the tip of your nose, what does God expect from you? How does God define good and how does surrender equal strength?

Me Two Mentoring with Monica Belyue & Cathy King- Obedience, Surrender, and Accountability. Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one…”

Reconstructing Relationships God’s Way with Tameah Harrelson- Let’s tear down our attempts to create what we think is good for our relationships and allow God to build a firm foundation, walls, and rooms His Way. No longer decorating with our decor of manipulation and cover-ups but with His masterpiece. Do we want the finished product to stand for eternity or simply a quick fix? We are either ALL IN or NOT. 1 Corinthians 3:7-13

Sacred Rest with Carrie Robinson- Do you feel like you can only rest when everything else is done? God has given us the GIFT of rest. How much productive could we be if we honored God by intentionally accepting His gift? Book reference: “Sacred Rest” by Saundra Daulton Smith

Staying “ALL IN” with Traci Howard- As women trying to juggle life, we need to be lifting one another up, encouraging, and edifying each other as we are on this journey of being ALL IN. Surrendering everything to Jesus and being obedient to Him is the race set before us! Come be encouraged to finish the race!

The Discipline of Discipleship: God’s Word, Work & Wonder with Andrea Ashley- What does scripture say about women leaders? We will explore different ideas on making discipleship part of our busy lives.

The Virtue of Obedience with Arlene Thibideaux- Obedience takes sacrifice, but in the end the reward is much greater than the sacrifice. How much can we as women accomplish if we obey the Voice of God?

Walking Away with Donna Huff (Saturday ONLY)- Approximately 2000 years ago, some of those who had faithfully followed Jesus stood at the foot of the cross. It was finished, but little did they know what it meant. Mary walked away from the cross under the care of John, two men started to walk away towards Emmaus, and His plan of redemption was about to be revealed.

Word Search: Tips & Tools for Studying God’s Word with Christie Pickard- Let’s go ALL IN and study God’s Word for ourselves.

Obedient Imagination with Wendy Griffith- With so many distractions around us and so many appealing advertisements, how can we keep our minds focused and content where the Lord has us? Let’s study together on how to keep our “Imaginations” obedient to serving the Lord. 2 Corinthians 10

Middle School Sessions

Faith, Feelings and Friendships with Laura Turner- What does it mean to be a friend? How do you make others feel about themselves?

Mirrors with Carley Ball- You are you, you are beautiful, you are enough.

Staying Obedient in Brokenness with Maddie Jenkins- How do the choices our parents make affect our lives?

High School Sessions

Chase Your Purpose with Traci Gunter- By sharing her testimony, Traci wants to be able to give other people hope that God has a beautiful purpose for each person.

The Ripple Effect with Heather Hannah and Tiffany Smith- How do your words and actions affect those around you? How are you effected by the words and actions of others? When we choose to be “ALL IN” using our lives for God’s glory we have the opportunity to produce ripple effects that inspire those around us and beyond.

Who Am I? with Carlie Shields Henderson- Instead of looking to the world let us find our identity in Christ.
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General Admission Tickets
General Admission $45.00
GA Senior/Youth $35.00
General Admission Groups (10+) $35.00
Strategy Sessions Choose 2 strategy sessions for the weekend. One (1) for Friday night and one (1) for Saturday.
ALL IN or Nothing $0.00
ALL IN Prayer $0.00
ALL IN, but Where Do I Even Fit In? $0.00
Crushing Unworthiness $0.00
Experiencing Victory in Crisis of Life $0.00
First Things First $0.00
House Cleaning $0.00
I Surrender ALL $0.00
In Over My Head $0.00
Me Two Mentoring $0.00
Reconstructing Relationships God’s Way $0.00
Sacred Rest $0.00
Staying ALL IN $0.00
God’s Word, Work & Wonder $0.00
The Virtue of Obedience $0.00
Walking Away $0.00
Tips & Tools for Studying God’s Word $0.00
Obedient Imagination $0.00
Middle School Sessions According to their age group, youth ladies will attend all three (3) of the sessions.
Faith, Feelings and Friendships $0.00
Mirrors $0.00
Staying Obedient in Brokenness $0.00
High School Sessions According to their age group, youth ladies will attend all three (3) of the sessions.
Chase Your Purpose $0.00
The Ripple Effect $0.00
Who Am I? $0.00

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