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Dave Helmuth - Atoma At Home(a)

Dave Helmuth spends his life walking alongside worship leaders, building relationships that strengthen the church, and helping people, teams, and churches be the best versions of themselves. He leads the worship coaching organization Ad Lib Music from Costa Rica. Learn about the Five Faders from Dave. :||: Something is holding you back, keeping you from being your best, bringing your best, and feeling your best. Understand what truly motivates you and your team. The Five Faders will clarify if you're an Artist, Shepherd, Preist, Educator, or Producer and teach you to be the best version of yourself.

Learn from Atoma Leaders and Clinicians in small, online training modules! You (and up to 39 other leaders*) can get regular input for only FREE. 60 minutes of teaching & 30 minutes of interaction.

Register today - these moments are being curated to support you and your leaders as you learn what it means to care for people-based ministries. 

The Atoma Team is passionate about training and equipping Worship Leaders and church musicians for people-based ministries. Therefore, we believe in creating as many training opportunities as possible.

These moments will be opportunities to hear real life-changing truth from men and women who are learning in various settings across the vast landscape of ministry! These sessions are also personal. You will get to ask your questions and have personal interaction that would never be available at a large conference setting.

*There is a registration cap of 40 people per session. 
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