St. Matthew's Catholic Church Weekend Masses 2021

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We look forward to welcoming you backPlease Follow Our Guidelines:

  • PLEASE NOTE: When ordering tickets, you MUST DE-SELECT the default assigned seat, then pick your seat from the seating map. Please be sure to leave 3 GREEN SEATS to the Right and Left of you! If an aisle seat, then only leave 3 GREEN SEATS to the opposite side of you.
  • Please know St. Matthew's reserves the right to change your seats if the social distancing policy( 3 GREEN SEATS ON BOTH SIDES BETWEEN YOU AND THE NEXT HOUSEHOLD )has not been followed. Your seat may also be changed to help maximize space for seating.
  • PLEASE NOTE: TICKETS FOR MASS MUST BE RE-ORDERED EACH WEEK. This policy provides everyone the same opportunity to reserve seats for WEEKEND masses. PLEASE REMEMBER SEATING IS LIMITED. Once the limit had been met, reservations will then be unavailable.  Reservations will open every Monday at 8 AM and will close 12Noon every Thursday.
  • If you are sick, feel sick or anxious being with a group of people,you MUST NOT attend. 
  • Please know that your obligation to attend Mass has been suspended until this pandemic is over. Mass will continue to be recorded in which you may view by clicking the link from our website
  • Masks must be worn by everyone 2 years of age and older in and around the building.
  • Please Bring and use personal hand sanitizer especially before Holy Communion. 
  • Please Stay 6 ft Apart. Social distancing needs to be maintained at all times while in and on church property. No gatherings are allowed.
  • Please follow all directions provided by our volunteers Including Single Entry and Single Exit.
  • Offertory Collection Baskets will be located at the entrance and exit doorways for your weekly donations. St. Matthew's is more than appreciative for the continued support you provide.
  • Please Note: Books, Toys and Food are NOT allowed in church.
  • Worship aids and bulletins will be available. Bulletins will also continue to be available on-line on our webpage.
  • With all guidelines in place, we look forward to welcoming you to celebrate the Eucharist together once again as a community. smiley-smile.gif

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