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Women's Webinar Series with Lisa Graft

6 Little Words That Will Change Your Life

July 9th | 12:00PM | Virtual Webinar

Life is hard and relationships are complicated, we’re always trying to fill in the gaps of silence…usually with worst-case scenario. Instead of being run by fear and assuming the worst about others and ourselves, these 6 little words can clear the way for open and honest communication without bringing blame and shame into the game. Join Lisa Graft (founder, I Am Mother of the Year), this Thursday at noon, for a conversation around open and honest communication.

No products will be sold at this event. Lisa Graft is not affiliated with or endorsed by Thrivent. The views expressed in this presentation by Lisa Graft are her own and not necessarily those of Thrivent or its affiliates. The material presented has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable and is current.

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