This event is over.

NQC Fall Festival

The Executive Orders for the state of Tennessee for the month of September include social distancing and capacity limits on public buildings. Therefore, NQC 2020 will have to be suspended, and the NQC Fall Festival will take place. This event will be designed to respect social distancing.


• The NQC Fall Festival will take place September 27 – October 3, 2020.

• The LeConte Center will be set with 1,500 chairs socially distanced by singles, pairs, and triples.

• The main stage of the Fall Festival will be set up at one end instead of in the round.

• The NQC Fall Festival will be a General Admission event and the event is currently on sale. NQC recommends people who know they will be in Pigeon Forge for NQC week to go ahead and purchase Fall Festival tickets. Admission for the NQC Fall Festival will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. No refunds after August 31, 2020.

• Artists who perform in the Fall Festival will have displays set up in the Greenbriar ballroom, and the displays will be sufficiently distanced apart.

• The NQC Fall Festival will feature around 10 artists per night.

• For either NQC or NQC Fall Festival, a live only webcast will be made available to subscribers to purchase.

Also Note the Following for the NQC Fall Festival:

• All customers attending must use Fall Festival tickets. Tickets for NQC will not be honored at the Fall Festival.

• Sunday Promo Comps for NQC will not be honored.

• NO Group Discounts or Comp tickets for Groups.

• There will not be a morning chapel on any of the days.

• Service fees are non-refundable.