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Encounter Weekend at Crosspoint Church

Friday 7:00 PM, August 23

Join us as our Crosspoint Worship Team partners with The Bridge Community Church to lead us in a special evening of worship. Tickets are required for all ages and limited childcare will be offered for children 0-4 years old with advanced registration. To register your child, simply select how many childcare tickets you require and you will be prompted to fill out additional information. 

Saturday 8:30 AM, August 24

8:30am-8:55am: Worship/Introduce Session Topics/Important Info

(Childcare is not offered on Saturday; however we are offering to supplement out of pocket costs at $10 per child. Email Kimberly Smith at to request reimbursement and to advise how many children you would like reimbursement for.)


Killing Sin by the Power of the Spirit Pastor Josiah Serra

Description: When it comes to ending patterns of sin in our lives it’s not what you know but who. Let’s look at Romans 8 together to see how lasting freedom can be found in partnership with the Holy Spirit.


TBA – Pastor Terry Virgo 


Worship – Rita Springer- “Live” Video

Description: Rita is one of the most gifted worship leaders to arise over the last fifteen years. Making Christ famous through the art, act and physical sound of our worship is Rita’s anthem and her deepest desire is to see this arise in the body of Christ. Her motto is; “To make the Lord famous in whatever I do with my worship and relationship with Him”.



Spirit-Empowered Parenting – Pastor Joshua Hartman

Description: Recognition of the Holy Spirit’s pre-eminent role in changing hearts reshapes our parenting priorities. Removing the unnecessary weight of producing results helps us see our kids, not as a reflection of who we are, but as a unique creation in the image of the Creator.



Holy Spirit-Enabled Relationships– Pastor David Verret

Description: We are created for Godly connections with others but we need the Holy Spirit’s help to have right relationships. As we allow the Spirit’s fruit to be borne in us, we find the joy of relating to others as God intends. Let’s examine how the Holy Spirit influences our character, communication and compatibility so that we live in healthy community.

Saturday Breakout Sessions - 8:30 AM Join us at 8:30 AM for worship and to hear more about session topics and important info.
9AM - Josiah Serra: Killing Sin by the Power of the Spirit $0.00
9AM - David Verret: Holy Spirit Enabled Relationships $0.00
9AM - Terry Virgo $0.00
10 AM - David Verret: Holy Spirit Enabled Relationships $0.00
10AM - Terry Virgo $0.00
10AM - Josh Hartman: Spirit Empowered Parenting $0.00
11AM - Josiah Serra: Killing Sin by the Power of the Spirit $0.00
11AM - Rita Springer: Worship (Live video call) $0.00
11AM - Josh Hartman: Spirit Empowered Parenting $0.00
11AM - David Verret: SNL Leaders - HS Enabled Relationships $0.00

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