Last Updated Sept, 15th, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need help with my order or have a question about an event, who do I contact?

    If you would like more information about an event, try calling the information number or go to the information website listed for that event.
    iTickets always posts all of the information we receive, so if for example, ticket prices are not listed for an event, that means we don't have that information.

    If you have a question about your order, send an email with as much information as possible to
    If you have a question about a specific event, please include the following in the email:
    your question(s)
    date of the event
    artist(s) performing at event

2. I have moved, How do I change the information on my User account

    Sign on to, at the top of the page click on myPAGE. Click on Edit your Membership Profile. There you will be able to change your address, phone etc.

3. Why haven't I received an email containing my order confirmation?

    Notice to customers using e-mail filtering "SPAM" software
    E-mail filtering
    Important account information communicated through e-mail may be affected by any e-mail filtering "SPAM" software you have installed on your computer.
    We use your e-mail address to confirm your registration, online order status or payment confirmation, notify you about event changes or cancellations, respond to inquiries and to keep you updated about news and information relevant to you.
    To ensure that you receive important e-mails from iTickets, do one of the following:
    Add the "" domain to your e-mail "safe list". If your settings do not allow you to add e-mail addresses to a "safe list," use the Help section or contact your e-mail/Internet provider's Customer Support to research your configuration options. Disable your e-mail filtering "SPAM" software.

4. My favorite artist is not listed.

    We are always updating our artist list and trying to get information regarding new artists. If you want your artist listed send an email to: with the artist's official website, contact email address, etc.

5. What are GOLD/ARTIST CIRCLE seats?

    Gold/Artist Circle Seats are the first few rows of seats in a venue. They are the closest to the stage. They usually cost more for the privilege. These tickets usually do not have a discount offer like group or child price.

6. I am an (Artist, Booking Agent, Promoter, Church) how can I get my concerts listed?

    iTickets offers a free listing service to everyone. First you need to sign-up as a member. Then click on the ADD EVENT button in our menu, you will be prompted to become a promoter. Once you fill out the information requested your account will be turned into a promoter account within 24 hours. Once you are a promoter you can add shows. OR send a list to

7. What is the service charge for?

    Service charges cover the cost that the credit card company charges to process your credit card order. They also cover the cost of shipping and handling for your order. iTICKETS.COM and our partner C.H.T.S do not refund service charges. Service charges are collected to pay for the processing of your credit card and the shipping and handling of your tickets. Service Charges also help to guarantee the refund of the cost of your tickets due to show or event cancellation. 

8. Are service charges or fees refundable?

    NO. iTICKETS.COM and our partners CHTS do not refund service charges. Service charges are collected to pay for the processing of your credit card and the shipping and handling of your tickets. Service Charges also help to guarantee the refund of the cost of your tickets due to show or event cancellation.

9. How can I get iTickets to sell tickets for my event?

    Once you have signed up to be a promoter member send us an email and we will send you the appropriate information.

10. I placed an order but I did not get a confirmation number.

    If your order has been placed correctly you WILL get a confirmation number. You will get your confirmation number on the last page of your order and it will also be emailed to you. If you do not get a confirmation number and you are a member check to see if your order is recorded online via MyPAGE. In MyPAGE go to MyOrders and check to see if you order is listed there. If you do not see your current order listed, iTICKETS did not record your order, email

11. How do I update my profile?

    While signed into, Click on MyPAGE at the top of the home page. Click on 'Edit your Membership Profile' Make the changes needed, click Process


    The Box Office or Ticket Window or Ticket Table are usually located in the building where the event is taking place the night/day of the show. In the case of a Big Arena or Theatre, they usually have a window you can go to get your tickets. Churches and other venues sometimes just set up a table inside the front door. In any case, your tickets will be held for you at the Box Office. Some places will have their box office open an hour before they open the doors the day of the show, others open their Ticket Table at the same time they open the doors. Always take a picture id with you. Bring the confirmation or order number from your ticket order. This usually happens to people who order tickets to an event within 10 days of the event. We stop mailing tickets 10 days before events unless otherwise noted.

13. What time do iTICKETS.COM tickets go on sale?

    If tickets are available via they will go on sale at the time stated on the event web page. If you want to order over the phone (via itickets box office only), the itickets box office is open (M-Th) 9AM-6PM and (Fri) 9AM-5:30PM (EST). Not all events listed on iTICKETS.COM are sold on our website. Other box offices have different hours. Please consult the events web page to see who is selling the tickets!!!!

14. What gives? I was on your site yesterday and was told there were no tickets available for a show I wanted to see. The next day, my friend bought great seats from you, just before the show!

    When a concert is placed on sale, some seats are reserved for different reasons, such as band and promoter complimentary tickets, media and promotional tickets, etc. These tickets are considered "on hold" and unavailable. Once the band, promoter, or media outlet decides they will not be using their full allocation of tickets, these seats are returned to iTICKETS.COM and made available for sale. The lesson is, "No Tickets Available" doesn‘t always mean "Sold Out."

15. Why is there no ticket information listed? always lists all of the information we have received for each event. Often, we are only given venue information. If we receive more information about an event it will be posted ASAP. You can try our myREMINDER feature, just click on the green remind button at the bottom of the event page and you will be emailed when new information is available.

    Other search ideas:
    artist website
    call the venue
    search the internet
    contact local Christian bookstore
    contact local Christian radio station

16. Can you get me backstage passes?

    Backstage passes are not available through iTICKETS.COM. Try contacting the management company or fan club of the artist for whose show you wish to receive backstage passes. However, stayed tuned to our site for occasional contests for backstage passes and other goodies!

17. I ordered tickets for an event, and didn't receive them in the mail. What should I do?

    When you place your order through, it will say if your tickets will be mailed. Tickets should arrive in 7-10 days of your order. If you do not receive your tickets at least 4 days before the concert, email
    (Customer service is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so please do not email us late Friday or over the weekend for an event happening that weekend. We will not receive your email until Monday morning.) Please email at least 4 days before the concert, so we have time to check on your order.
    If you ordered your tickets over the phone, then call the number that you called to order your tickets to find out the ticket status.
    Don't call the venue, if you ordered tickets through iTickets. They are not in charge of the tickets that iTickets has sold.

18. I can't remember my password, what should I do?

    If you do not remember your password let the password field blank and we will email it to you.

19. I bought tickets and now I can't go to the concert. Can I get a refund?

    Orders placed through are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If you order tickets and cannot use them, sell or give them away to a friend.

20. When I order tickets through iTickets, can I choose my seats?

    iTickets is set up to allow customers to choose their seats for reserved seating shows, but for a variety of reasons, not every promoter or venue chooses to use this service. When you order tickets for a reserved seating show, there are two possible scenarios: 1) you are given the opportunity to select which seats you prefer based on how many tickets you want, the price point of the tickets you want, and what is currently available when you order, or 2) ticket orders will be filled in the order they are received and you will be given the best available tickets.

21. I am interested in purchasing tickets for my children, but the event I am interested in does not list child prices. How can I get discounted rates for my children, or what are the ages for children tickets?

    Not all events sell "Children Tickets." If children tickets are not listed for an event, that means they are not available for that event. If this is the case, children will need to purchase the regular priced ticket. Normally, children over the age of 2 years will need to have a ticket. If you would like to find more detailed information for an event, email

22. When you say midnight what time zone are you talking about?

    All deadlines occur using the US Eastern Time Zone. This is also printed in our user agreement.

23. I ordered tickets for an event for one of my friends, but these tickets are being held at the door. How can I change the name the ticket is under?

    Call the box office to change the name the ticket is under. (ex. If you ordered tickets through iTickets, call our box office at 800-965-9324 to make that change).

24. I emailed or and didn't get a response? When can I expect a reply?

    We do our best to respond to emails as fast as we can. Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST. So if you email after 5pm on Friday, your email will not be read until Monday morning. Normally you will receive a response within a day or two. We do respond to all emails we receive.

25. Why does iTICKETS.COM need a valid phone number & email address when I place a ticket order?

    We need a way to contact you for various reasons: 1) to call if concert is cancelled 2) to call if a problem with their credit card 3) to call if concert changes. 4) email you a confirmation for your records. . . .

26. I just went to iTickets to purchase tickets for a concert tonight, but they are no longer on sale. Why aren't they still on sale?

    iTickets stops selling tickets 1-3 days before the event, depending on the day of the event.

    For the most part, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday events go off sale on Friday. Tuesday through Friday events go off sale the day before the event.

    We need to take events off sale in order to settle with the promoter, among other things.

    Listed above is how the iTickets box office works. If another box office is selling tickets, you will need to contact them to find out when they take their tickets off sale.

27. I ordered tickets through iTickets and just found out the event is cancelled. How do I get a refund?

    If you purchase tickets for an event through (iTickets Ordering) and the event is cancelled, you will be notified of the cancellation and automatically refunded for the cost of the tickets. Sorry, we cannot refund service fees.

28. I ordered tickets by mail order but haven't receive my tickets yet. And my order doesn't show up on MyOrders page - when can I expect my tickets?

    If you order by mail order through iTickets you will not receive a confirmation number and your order will not show up on your MyOrders page. Only internet orders through show up on your MyOrders page.

    To check on the status of your order, email and include the following information about the event you ordered tickets for: date, artist, city, state; or you can call our box office (800-965-9324) and they can give you the status of your order.

29. What are the Service Charges?

    All service charges are approximate and may be different for each event.

    The standard service fee for tickets ordered from the iTickets Box Office whether by phone or online at is 15% (based on the price of the ticket). There is an $8 flat fee for mail orders with payment being made with check or money order. On occasion there also may be an extra charge that the promoter or venue requires.
    When you place an order it will show you the total service charge before you accept the order.
    These fees cover the transaction and merchant fees accrued on each credit card transaction, postage and mailing supplies (when required), various administrative costs and the wonderful iTickets staff.

30. We cannot print off the tickets - what do you suggest - we have Adobe Acrobat 4.0 - and when we put in the info - nothing happens!

    Please try using a different browser such as Google Chrome, FireFox or Safari. If you are still having an issue printing, please contact

31. Is there a minimum/maximum purchase per gift card?

    Currently the minimum is $5/gift card. ITickets reserves the right to change this minimum amount at any time.

32. Can I purchase a gift card via cash or check?

    At this time credit card payment is the only way iTickets Gift Cards can be purchased.

33. Do iTickets Gift Cards expire?

    No, but we encourage you to “use it before you lose it”. Stolen gift cards cannot be replaced.

34. Can I get a plastic gift card instead of a paper one?

    Currently we only offer e-gift cards.

35. How do I receive my gift card?

    A link to print/view your gift card will be sent to the email address provided on the order. The gift card will arrive within a few minutes and will be activated immediately. There is nothing you need to do to activate it. If you would like the gift card mailed to you that is an option as well. There is a $3.75 order fee to mail gift cards. Please note: you will get the same paper gift card that you print out at home sent to you in the mail. Choosing the mail option does not mean you will be sent a plastic gift card.

36. Can I reload my gift card?

    At this time we do not allow reloading gift cards.

37. Can more than one gift card be used on a single purchase?

    Only one gift card can be used per purchase.

38. How do I check my gift card balance?

    All you need is the gift card number and pin number, both can be found on the actual gift card. You can check your balance by going online at

39. Are there any fees to purchase a gift card?

    No, there are no fees to purchase a gift card unless you choose to have them mailed to you for a $3.75 per order fee.

40. Why can’t I use my gift card on some events selling tickets on iTickets?

    Most of the tickets and associated services will accept gift card payment. Events and services on iTickets are not owned by iTickets and therefore some may not accept gift card payment. However this should be very few and far between, if at all. At this time iTickets Gift Cards cannot be used for tickets to events that are not in the United States.

41. Can an iTickets gift card be exchanged for cash?

    No, the unused value remains on card and cannot be redeemed for cash.

42. What if I lost my gift card?

    We can resend your gift card to you. However we cannot reissue gift cards. If your gift card was stolen and used, we cannot replace it. Please protect your gift card like cash. You are responsible for keeping it safe.

more questions and answers to follow. . .