An experience full of lively conversation and heartfelt music on wrangling delight out of the mess of life.

AMAZING!!!! Thank you for a great evening full of fabulous messages.” - Amy D.

"Thank you so much for pouring out your hearts tonight, shining God’s light in the darkness, and offering hope! You are courageous and fierce women and we were blessed by both of you tonight!”
- Megan T.

In this intimate evening experience with Jen and Nichole, you will laugh. Make new friends. Swap stories. Share struggles. Breathe. Listen. Own your mess. Stand with one another. Silence the voices of regret. Recognize that every part of your journey—every broken place—is leading to a bigger, more beautiful story.

You will remember you are not alone.

You have all the spirit you need for living a courageous, grace-filled life—grace for every mistake and weakness.

This inclusive event welcomes everyone to open their hearts and join hands with their neighbors.
Join them at the Moxie Matters Tour

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10/08/18  Moxie Matters Tour Hosted by Pulaski Heights UMC
Little Rock, AR
10/09/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Omaha, NE
10/10/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Ellisville, MO
10/10/18  Moxie Matters Tour - MATINEE
Ellisville, MO
10/11/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Knoxville, TN
10/12/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Woodbridge, VA
10/15/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Columbia, SC
10/16/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Las Vegas, NV
10/22/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Temecula, CA
10/23/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Mesa, AZ
11/05/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Oklahoma City, OK
11/07/18  Moxie Matters Tour hosted by University Christian Church
Fort Worth, TX
11/08/18  Moxie Matters Tour
San Antonio, TX
11/09/18  Moxie Matters Tour
Birmingham, AL

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