Box Office

Convenience meets power.

All you need is internet access. Our internet-based software lets you sell tickets anywhere, and access sales updates any time.

Simple Setup

Put an event on sale within minutes, using tools such as reusable seat templates, past event imports, and bulk editing capabilities.

Seamless Order Activity

Assist ticket-buyers quickly and efficiently, using admin tools such as one-click order adjustments, realtime order lookup, and order activity logs.

Smooth Onsite

Head into your event equipped with everything you need: scanner options, USB card reader capabilities, custom order form settings, and full access to customer lists and sales reports.

Need onsite box office staff? Ask about our onsite services.

End/Extend Sales Feature

Quickly post important messages on your event page, generate ticket sales reports, access and organize customer lists, and view a live sold map—all in one place.

Mobile Payments

The iTickets Box Office can process mobile payments seamlessly, no matter which processor or device you are using. Simply plug any USB card-swiper into your mobile device with the appropriate adapter, and it will enter the data into an encrypted browser session.