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Reporting & Analytics

Cold Hard Data

Always on the go? Being an event manager often means working after normal business hours and outside of the office. With iTickets, you have 24/7 real time access to your reports on any device connected to the internet.

Ticket Sales Reports

In addition to real time updates on total tickets sold at any time, our Ticket Sales Report also allows you to quickly get updates on sales by specific dates, state, and zip code ranges allowing you to easily monitor your marketing efforts.

Google Maps

Prefer a visual view of your marketing efforts? Simply click our Google Maps button and instantly view location of buyers to determine which markets are most effective. You can even customize date ranges to determine effectiveness of marketing and booking efforts over time.

Sold Maps

View a live Sold Map at any time to get a snapshot of available seats, holds, and accessible seating.

Social & Discount Reporting

Track social discounts redeemed and coupon promotion progress with ease using iTickets comprehensive Social & Discount Reporting. The quick links to find orders who applied a coupon code and the option to instantly map social shares on Google Maps allows you to visually see results in real time.

Financial Reports

We know the financial aspect of an event is important. You won't have to worry about obtaining accurate reporting when using iTickets. Our comprehensive Payment Details Report ensures you will always know where your funds stand. Easily reconcile orders by method of payment, view order transaction history, and locate refunds and cancellations at any time.

Transaction Reconciliation

iTickets Box Office records payment details and activity on every order allowing you to easily review an order's history.

Customer Data Exports

They are your events, it is your data. Customer Data Exports are available with one click allowing you to easily expand your marketing database and keep ticket purchasers informed of upcoming events. Your event details and customer information will always be stored on our secure server for you to access at any time.


iTickets utilizes powerful tools to help you learn more about the people who have shown interest in your events. Do you want to know how many people are checking out your event page? Do you wish you could find out where they are, and how often they're visiting? iTickets can integrate with your own unique Google Analytics ID and Facebook Pixel to help you answer these questions.

Sales Charts

Use iTickets' powerful Sales Charts Report to analyze your ticket sales. Our live reporting allows you to track orders and ticket sales by ticket type, order date (day or month), payment type, or mile radius from a given zip code as well as evaluate funds collected over time.