Social Media

Everyone has a social media presence. But who can leverage it for you? We understand how important it is to stay on the front lines of modern communication. That's why we focus heavily on developing our social media presence - we'll bring your events to our fans; and bring our fans to your events.

Social Discounts

Who doesn't love saving money? Ticket buyers will love receiving discounts just for sharing an event they are already excited about attending. With iTickets social discounts, it is easier than ever for fans to do your marketing for you by offering them discounts to tweet on Twitter and/or to post on Facebook about your event. Additionally, you can easily track results using iTickets real time Social Discount Reporting .

Social Sharing

iTickets makes it easy for fans to spread the word about your event before and after it is on sale. Every event page includes a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest share link.

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