Customer Support

Sometimes a “bot” or email just won’t work.

An account manager is available to you via phone and email throughout the business week, as well as a 24/7 emergency line.

Quick Turnaround

Our team is trained to assist quickly and accurately, all the while making it a positive experience.

Online Help Center

We have over 100 tutorials for event attendees and event-organizers that can be browsed by category or using the search tool.

Call Center

In an industry that’s becoming digital, with our Premium plan we offer a dedicated customer care staff to assist ticket purchasers via phone, email and chat.

Email Updates

When you use our Premium plan, as soon as we are notified of a major event change we will email the ticket-buyers a notification.

“Thank you for all of you and your team's help. I appreciate it as I am not a concert promoter (this was my first concert). iTickets was very easy to work with, and very helpful whenever I had questions. I would definitely recommend you to others.”