Freedom Movement Presents Something New

We're all searching for something new. Maybe you're looking for something new in your relationships, your perspectives, your marriage, your group of friends, your budget — or maybe you're looking for something new in your outlook on life or how you see yourself.

During this one-night event hosted by Karrie Garcia and Hosanna Poetry, you'll hear real stories from real women like you who are seeking more freedom and something new.

To all women, regardless of your church involvement or where you're at with God, whether you're 13 or 93, you're not just safe here, you're welcome here. Together, we'll seek the freedom, joy, purpose, and growth God has for us. Together, we'll find something new.


Meet the Hosts

Karrie Garcia is a speaker, life coach, and mother of three who is passionate about proclaiming the freedom that can come from a life surrendered to Christ. Facing drug addiction, the suicide of her mother, and the breakdown of her first marriage, she understands the need for grace, mercy, and healing that can only come from Jesus Christ. Also the founder of Freedom Movement, Karrie is passionate about sharing the truth of Christ and helping other women walk away from a victim mentality and into a life of victory. She is driven to see healing in the lives of fellow women who seek real, authentic relationships. Her goal is to tear down the misconception that we are identified by our mistakes and to replace that concept with the truth the we are made for so much more.

Hosanna Poetry is a writer, speaker, and spoken word artist, who shares stories of how truth brings freedom to various ages, cultures, and people groups in the US and beyond. She has been a touring artist and traveling speaker since 2010, writing and sharing spoken word poetry with multiple organizations worldwide, commonly touring with her own produced albums and live experiences, and frequently teaching and speaking at conferences and events. Through short stories, performance poetry, and interactive teachings, sermons, and curriculums, she shares complex Gospel truths through simple, captivating narratives in churches, conferences, camps, retreats, prisons, recovery ministries, and other venues.


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