Online Ticket Sales

Flexible Ticketing Solutions

Not sure what the best solution is to sell tickets for your event? We will help you find the right setup that fits your event.

Live Streams

Take control of who sees your live stream. Through our website, each customer can be uniquely identified and authorized.

Reach an even wider audience. In-person events can offer a live streaming ticket, and/or sell on-demand access after the event.

Reserved Seating

Offer seat selection for single-day or multi-day events. Multi-day events can allow ticket-buyers to select either different seats, or the same seats, for each day.

General Admission Seating

Encourage more advance sales by using price deadlines, quantity countdown, price-by-quantity, and our other promotional features.

Table Seating and more

Benefit concerts, banquets, and dinner theaters: our software can handle them all, including events that require table or pew seating, with and without seat numbers.

Abandoned Order Recovery

Ticket-buyers abandon orders for many reasons. Email reminders recover orders that may not have been completed otherwise.

Increase Advance Sales

Boost advance sales with presale passcodes, unlimited price deadlines, coupon codes, group rates, and a countdown feature to show when availability is getting low.

Merchandise Sales

Offer other items alongside ticket sales, with product images and unlimited description space for extra details. Track these sales using a separate merchandise report.

Survey & Registration Questions

Add survey questions at checkout, or take advantage of our individual ticket registration feature to gather information for each ticket purchased.

Shopping Cart Just for My Events

Ticket-buyers can order for all your events in a single transaction and you can simplify your marketing efforts.

Name Your Price Ticketing & Donations

Allow ticket-purchasers to choose the per-ticket price they pay, or offer an open donation field to donate above their ticket purchase.

Flex Pay

If ticket prices are steep, encourage customers to commit sooner by offering the option to pay a percent up front and the remaining balance before the event.